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Palade Prize


The Palade Prize is the most distinguished award of the IAP for achievement in pancreatic research. It is named after George E. Palade who, in 1974, was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on protein trafficking in the pancreatic acinar cell.


  • The Palade Prize will be awarded at an official meeting of the IAP up to once annually.
  • The recipient of the Prize must be a financial member at the time of conferral.
  • Proposal of nominees will be the responsibility of the Executive of the IAP Council and will be ratified by Council.
  • Nominations for the Prize may, at the discretion of the Executive of Council, be called for from the general membership of the Association.
  • Recipients will generally be those with distinguished track records in basic pancreatic research although, on occasion, distinguished researchers in clinical pancreatic disease will also be honoured.
  • Council may make a decision to not award a prize if no worthy recipient can be identified in a given year.

The Prize

  • The Prize will consist of The Palade Medal, a certificate and an honorarium of USD3000.
  • Presentation of the Prize will be made at a meeting of the IAP where the recipient will be expected to give a state-of-the-art lecture entitled the George E. Palade Memorial Lecture.
  • Conference Organisers will provide travel and accommodation support to the recipient of the Prize.
  • The recipient will also contribute a manuscript of their lecture for publication in Pancreatology.


2010 Professor James Jamieson
2011 Professor Fred Gorelick
2012 Professor John Williams
2013   Professor Ashok Saluja
2014 Professor Clem Imrie
2015 Professor David Whitcomb