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The President will succeed to office after serving as President-Elect. The President will serve for two years and will be eligible for re-election but not for consecutive terms. The term of office ends with the end of the biannual scientific meeting.

1986 A Bettarello, Sao Paulo Brazil
1988 L Scuro, Verona Italy
1988-1990 R Tsuchiya, Nagasaki Japan
1990-1992 H Beger, Ulm Germany
1992-1994 E P DiMagno, Rochester USA
1994-1996 C Imrie, Glasgow UK
1996-1998 T Takeuchi, Tokyo Japan
1998-2000 A Warshaw, Boston USA
2000-2002 J Neoptolemos, Liverpool UK
2002-2004 S Matsuno, Sendai Japan
2004-2006 P Banks, Boston USA
2006-2008 M Lerch, Munster Germany
2008-2010 M Tanaka, Fukuoka Japan
2010-2012 A Saluja, Minneapolis USA
2012-2014 P Levy, Paris France
2014-2016 T Shimosegawa, Sendai Japan
2016-2018 S Chari, Rochester USA


The President-Elect will be elected by the membership at the Business Meeting on the nomination of the Council and will normally succeed the President. The President-Elect will assume the duties of the President in his absence.

2018-2020 T Gress, Marburg Germany